Set Up

In setting up this blog I experienced surprisingly few problems. The notion of setting up your own blog or website is intimidating at first glance. For some reason I assumed you needed to be a genuine computer genius to make your own website. Reading the required textbook chapters only added to this by throwing quite a bit of information at you. Which is to be expected I suppose as that is a textbook’s job to aggregate information and present it in a reasonably palatable fashion. Fortunately, when it came time for me to actually create this blog, the WordPress program made it quite easy. It was more or less following simple instructions and then exploring your new site in order to modify the space to your liking. Apparently, finding a suitable domain name can be frustrating to some. I however, found no frustration in that particular task. If I had to guess, the lengthy nature of my ┬ádomain name probably eliminated the possibility that it had already been taken by someone else. I have already posted an introduction post, but as far as the next blog goes, I am probably going to write about something relatively simple. Probably a topic that can hopefully add-on to my introduction post by helping the readers understand more about me as a person. Though I will choose a specific aspect of myself, rather than a more general one, in order to avoid re-treading what ive already gone over in my previous post.


Greetings! My name is Nolan Ewert. I am currently a student at Bemidji State University and am writing this blog as part of the course entitled Weblogs and Wikis. This introduction will be my first post at the website Starting the Second Decade. My thought process behind the title of this site was to choose a phrase that could encapsulate my life at the moment. I am twenty years old, hence the origin of”starting the second decade”. Therefore, this title being sort of broad allows me to talk about a variety of subjects. As opposed to if I had chosen a title tied to a singular aspect of my life, for example lets say BSU Blog, I would have felt obligated to compose posts that are relevant only towards academic topics.

Speaking of topics, what can you expect from my blogs? Well, I am majoring in history so im sure at some point I will post topics relating to that subject. However, other topics I can see myself posting about in the future are:the outdoors, films, books, work, school, and travel. I don’t see myself as the type of blogger to make outrageous political comments or controversial posts, but who knows. Thank you for taking the time to read and/or visit this site. Hopefully, my posts can be an entertaining as well as educational time for both myself as the writer, and for you as the reader.